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Short history

Founded on March 08, 2017 in response to a sense of urgency to act against violence against women and precariousness ... More...


The Clarina Bastia Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, responsible for ensuring that ...More...

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With the Clarina Bastia Foundation, there are many ways to get involved in our communities ... More...

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From the President

I am currently "Independent Consultant & Trainer in Community Development and Microfinance (Inclusive Finance)".

Poverty makes life difficult every day, or almost every day, for the one who faced it. For fifteen years, working on the field has fascinated me. I would like to go more often to meet the women with whom I worked.

As a tribute to my mother, Clarina Bastia, I created the "Clarina Bastia Foundation" in order to preserve the memory of a courageous and philanthropic woman. I wanted to perpetuate her vision of a more harmonious and altruistic world by creating a Foundation in his name.

The Foundation puts the "Single Parent Families" at the center of its concerns. It’s willing to offer the dignity and the smile that families need. It seeks not only to improve their life to normal, but also to listen to them. Through the Foundation, I want to help women to start up and to support those who are in difficulty to work together towards the same goal, this ultimate destination is nothing less than success, independence and happiness. I want this Foundation to be close to the people.

I would like all the Foundation partners to be involved in this new project, and become supporters. I therefore asked them to support our ground actions, so that the Foundation be open to all communities and cooperation with its partners will create a common value.

I want this Foundation to be truly active, to demonstrate initiatives and commitments, and I will personally look after it.

Please visit the website on regularly basis to find all updates about the Foundation.

Welcome and thank you for your confidence.

Éloge Vilfranc
President & Founder

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The Clarina Bastia Foundation is a non-profit institution, founded on March 8, 2017 and duly registered with the tax authorities as a charity.

It mainly develops support projects for women and single-parent families throughout Haiti. Its headquarters are located in Hinche downtown, Plateau Central.

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